December Yoga Diary

December 13

Hello again Yoga Dairy! Katie Trauffer Yoga Diary Headstand #sirsasanaI’ve missed posting and I’ve missed my yoga but I’m now just shy of two weeks post op and feeling like I can maybe start practicing again. I’m still on completely absolutely no weight bearing for my hip (apparently one very very very rare but possible complication of repairing the FAI CAM Impingement is breaking your hip because they are removing bone thickness), but I honestly feel great. I am completely out of pain and feel normal again, normal like before this all even started normal! I can sit and move and ride in cars without pain and that’s so exciting because I haven’t been able to do that since October! I have my first physical therapy appointment tomorrow and I’m hoping that will give me a lot of insight into how to get creative and do more than savasana on my mat! Until then, I figured out how to get into headstand (of course) without putting any weight on my right hip (video is on instagram @katietraufferyoga) so for now here’s a picture! We head out to Disney in a week, (a week!!!) so when I finish this 18 page paper for my Lit Theory class I’ll be making a list of every pose I can think of that I can do with just one side of my body haha! (side note…it’s probably worth saying but unless you have an extremely strong inversion practice you should probably hold off on the headstands until you get the all clear from a pt or your doc after surgery! I’m about as balanced on my head as I am on my feet, sometimes even moreso, but that’s only from years of absolute dedication to my inversion practice! Okay, psa/disclaimer done haha)