The Yoga Diaries!

My fitness life has transformed into exactly two things: running and yoga. I’m training for a half marathon, so half the week my workouts go into that. The other half of the week (aka every day I’m not running and not forcing myself to take a rest day), I’m in the studio. One of the things that truly made Philadelphia feel like home to me was finding a studio I could call mine and I’m so glad I did! I wanted to share a piece of my own practice and yoga journey with you so I’m building a diary series. The entries might include what the teacher focused on, my takeaways from the practice (physical and mental), new asana developments, even video clips of creative sequences I loved. There’ll be plenty of pictures along the way but most of all I hope it will give you a sense of how yoga fits into my life and encourages you to cultivate and stick to your own regular practice! 

Ps- I’m a headstand junkie, it’s true, especially bound headstand. Making these covers both headstands was at first unintentional but now that a pattern has been set I might just have to keep it up! Have a favorite funky leg variation? Let me know in the comments and it could turn into a cover! 🙂

november cover  october banner 2