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Once Upon A Mickey Bar

Hey all, I know I have been a little absent recently but I’m finally ready to share why! Over Christmas my whole family went on vacation to Disney. Now, it might not be common knowledge (yet) but I am a crazy Disney fanatic. Posting on online forums, decorating my office with Mickey shapes, wearing Disney clothes in the real world kind of Disney fan. I spent my whole childhood going to Disney every year and my whole adulthood convincing my husband to be a Disney fan too (he’ll probably never get to my level but he’s making progress!). Anyway, what I realized is that if I’m passionate about it, I should do something about it! And so, I present to you… a totally gluten free Disney blog full of food and vacation tips and everything Disney I can think of from a lifetime of loving the place! There’ll be posts on my gluten free travels outside Disney like the time we went to Florence, Italy last summer or my go-to Chipotle order but the focus is more on my obsession with Mickey Bars and everything else Disney.