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Tone in Twenty Workouts

Do anywhere equipment free 20 minute HIIT style workouts! #healthy #fitness #workout

The holidays are one of the hardest times of the year to stay healthy. Between the parties and the travel, maintaining your regular fitness plans is at least challenging and at most actually impossible. That’s exactly why I made these plans. This series will go where you go, all you need is yourself and some floorspace and you have a great workout guaranteed.  It’s only twenty minutes so if you’re busy with family, friends, shopping, and cheer, that’s fine! Just squeeze this in first thing in the morning, before bed, whenever. Have time for a igger workout? Great! Double the plan, combine the plans, go for a run then do a plan- really just use this in the way that serves you best! Plus with 5 workouts to choose  from ranging from targeted major body segments to a little bit of everything, no matter what you’re looking to work, this plan will be there for you.

Butternut Squash Lasagna

No Noodle Butternut Squash Lasagna the ultimate fall comfort food and perfect for your Holiday buffet! #healthy #glutenfree #recipes

This is what I call comfort food. Yes it takes a little extra effort (using two different pans whoa Katie slow down!), yes it takes a little more time, but it’s the kind of dish that just makes everything better, at least as long as there’s another bite on your plate! Filled with the absolute tastiest garlic roasted tomatoes, all the cheese, and tender squash, this Butternut Squash Lasagna is exactly what your dinner table (or Thanksgiving table) needs and maybe my favorite part about it- it’s noodle free! (Let’s be real, my favorite part is the cheese, definitely the cheese, but hey, the noodle-less-ness is a close second!).

Safely Chop a Butternut Squash

How to Safely Chop A Butternut Squash Guide! #healthy #recipes #thanksgiving

I’ll admit, I’ve been known to buy frozen squash when making soups simply to avoid the hassle of trying to chop a butternut squash without losing a finger. It’s strangely shaped and dense and that weird residue it leaves all over your hands is just impossible to get off. But! If your recipe calls for any other shape than square and any other texture then pureed the freezer stuff just won’t cut it. That is why I’m here tonight- because I want to share my best, safest, easiest method for chopping perfect butternut squash every time!

Winter Squash Soup

My obsession with this Winter Squash Soup began two years ago the first time I tried Whole Foods’ Triple Squash Soup. It was love at first taste. Just a few bites in and I was hunting google for the recipe (sadly no amount of soup-love is sustainable at $4 per cup). Since that day I’ve made renditions of this Winter Squash Soup dozens of times, adjusting and tweaking until it finally arrived here: perfection. 

One Pot Pumpkin Chili

One Pot Pumpkin Chili- the best warming fall comfort food! This version is #vegan #glutenfree and #healthy too! #recipes

November, let’s talk. See, Thanksgiving is less than 3 weeks away and by all accounts I should be bundling up in all the flannel and puffy things I can find. I should be waist deep in rainbow leaves and drinking hot chocolate or apple cider on my chilly early morning walk home from 6 AM yoga. But no, November, apparently you’ve decided it’s actually April and we’re just going to skip over that whole “Fall” season (let’s not even start on “Winter”)! November, you’ve decided I still need to wear tank tops when I work out BUT no matter how strangely is-the-world-ending-ly warm you’ve made this month, you won’t keep me from hoarding pumpkin recipes like a squirrel hoarding nuts! (Which they are still doing despite your best efforts). 

Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Pie Dip

Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Pie Dip- this sneaky dessert is sweet, rich, all over delicious but still turns vegetables into dessert! Perfect for #thanksgiving #glutenfree #healthy #recipes

The best part of pumpkin based desserts like this Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Pie Dip? Vegetables- for dessert! And you know what’s even better with  this recipe in particular? It’s a vegetable dessert recipe that gets you to eat more fruit! Of course you could go spreading it on cupcakes or cookies or something more decidedly dessert-ish but if you’re like me and go for the apple dip you’re topping your fruit with your veggies and loving it!

Autumn Salad

Autumn Salad filled with maple roasted carrots & tangy pomegranate seeds #glutenfree #yum #healthy #food #recipes

Okay, I know it’s not even Halloween yet but Target already has their winter/ Christmas decorations on display so I think it’s fully reasonable to start building my Thanksgiving repertoire of recipes. As the sole gluten intolerant member of my family (the only vegetarian too), Thanksgiving is a time of laughter, catching up, standing around the kitchen while my chef uncle directs us all and… happily bringing a few dishes that are definitely Katie-safe. And let me tell you, this Autumn salad with it’s maple glazed carrots, tangy pomegranates, creamy goat cheese, and earthy pecans is going to make all 5 million of my relatives realize the gluten free vegetarian life- yeah, it’s delicious!

Balsamic Rosemary Brussels Sprouts

Balsamic & Rosemary Brussels Sprouts- such an easy side but so delicious! Perfect Thanksgiving recipe! #healthy #glutenfree #vegan #recipe

Weird fact about me: I think vegetables are beautiful, as in, little works of art. I know I’m not alone either because when I told my wedding florist that I wanted vegetables in my centerpieces he knew exactly what I was talking about. And so come June 21, 2014, our tables had an eclectic mix of flowers, lantern candles, chalkboard table numbers, asparagus wrapped vases, and, yes, terra cotta pots of raw brussels sprouts. Now when it comes to eating, well, perfectly caramelized balsamic rosemary brussels sprouts? It might not be centerpiece ready but that’s pretty beautiful in my book too!