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Spicy Sprout Sammie

The tastiest #glutenfree #vegan spicy sprout sammie featuring avocado and hummus!

Is it just me or has 2016 been a whirlwind already! With all the hectic-ness (is that a word? Now it is!) of opening a small business, easy meals have become king in my kitchen so today I wanted to share with you one of my easiest but yet tastiest recipes for the busy bee. And let me add here, easy and tasty and healthy rarely all happen at once for the gluten free foodie, but this Spicy Sprout Sammie is going to change all that!

Summer Roll Sushi

The best of both worlds! Summer Roll Sushi filled with crunchy veggies & fresh herbs then topped with peanuts! #healthy #glutenfree #vegan #recipes #diy

First, let me say making sushi at home is EASY and HEALTHY. I’ll say it again, homemade sushi is easy peasy when you know what you’re doing and can be so good for you. I’ve had my share of “well the nori fell apart so I’m having a sushi bowl instead of a sushi roll” kind of nights, but once you get down the trick to cutting the roll, it really is an incredibly easy, delicious (vegan and gluten free )vehicle for whatever fillings you can dream up! More on those tips in a bit…