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Italian Roasted Tomatoes

Hello again! I’m so happy to be back, I know I’ve been gone for a while working on some new big projects but I’m here and I have about a million recipes for you. Okay, not a million, maybe some day, but definitely a lot and it’s starting with this oldie but goodie, one of my lifelong favorites: Italian Roasted Tomatoes!

Fresh Tomato White Bean Soup

Fresh Tomato White Bean Soup- from scratch made easy with fresh produce, #glutenfree pasta, and protein filled beans! #vegan #healthy #recipes

Fresh is really the key word in this Fresh Tomato White Bean Soup. Everything that’s good and wonderful and delicious about this soup is thanks to the heaps of fresh tomato, fresh onion, fresh garlic, fresh basil. It might be (finally!) getting chilly outside, but there’s so much rich flavor when you make everything from scratch it’s worth a little extra chopping. And trust me, this vegan & gluten free soup is so delicious and easy to make everyone in your family with love it!

Perfect Pesto

Simple healthy Basil Pesto with just half the fat of traditional pesto! #vegan #glutenfree #healthy #recipes

Pesto used to be one of  my long-run-days foods. In other words, it has enough fat to make an elephant float so I saved it for those days when I wanted a real treat. Coming in at an average 8-9 grams of fat per TABLESPOON, I thought of pesto as a luxury topping- but no more! This simple pesto recipe packs all that amazing, fragrant Basil freshness with just a fraction of the fat- we’re talking 4 grams per Tbsp!