Hello and welcome to Fresh Fit Foodie! I’m Katie, the foodie, yogi, and all over health junkie behind this place. My goal here, whether in a recipe, a yoga diary entry, a workout, or whatever else I create, is to be a resource for you to live your healthiest life. So what does that mean? Well, it’s something I’ve pieced together since I started blogging way back in college (Ray Bucknell!). Essentially your “healthiest life” is the way of going through your day, week, moment, that best balances physical and emotional nourishment. Your “healthiest life” is how you personally can treat yourself best. Where do I come in to that? It might be a recipe that you and your body both love (that you can actually find the time to make!), it might be the workout that gets you through the holidays, it might be the yoga tidbit that changes your yoga practice or at least inspires you to cultivate one. My goal here in all I do is to give you the tools to make your healthiest life a little tastier, a little simpler, a little less stressful, really just a little more possible!

I’m working on a series of articles covering my personal experiences with everything from Losing Weight with PCOS to adjusting to a Gluten Free Diet (while Vegetarian!), to Health & Fitness After Reconstructive Knee Surgery. I want these pieces to really focus on one particular topic so that I can go more in depth and so I can pass on as much knowledge as possible! Links will be posted here ASAP 🙂

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